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  • Top performance engine oil for two-stroke or 4-Mix engines.
  • Highly suitable for delimbing work.
  • Do you question which lubricant is suitable for which cutting attachment, climate zone or type of wood? No need to puzzle over the answers with semi-synthetic STIHL chain lubricant. Our high-performance lubricant is extremely suitable for all moving saw chains.
  • EN 352, SNR 24 (H: 28; M: 22; L: 12).
    Stable, breathable metal headband. Soft pads for comfortable wear.
  • EN 1.731, EN 352
    Face and ear protection.
  • Material = Spandex, Palm Pleather.
    These children's work gloves are exactly like their larger counterparts.
  • Helmet material= HDPE
    Lightweight entry-level model with a large nylon visor.
  • 3,1kg, 36V.
    Innovative cordless chainsaw.
  • Tinted glasses.
    Protection against eye injuries.
  • Aluminium chainsaw wedge.
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